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Amateur Radio Swop Shop in South Africa

Ham Radio Swop Shop | South Africa

for ALL Amateur Radio Operators, SWLs and RAEs

Whether private or commercial, the offer is FREE and open, whether you belong to a radio club or not! Anything is welcome as long as it is related to amateur radio. The intention of "Ham Radio Swop Shop" is to provide a free facility for hams to trade any type of equipment they no longer use. However, postings from commercial or trading hams are also welcome (if not excessive) and will be identified as such. The limits of text length, number of images are set generously. Please note that I am not affiliated with any organisation or company and run this site as a personal service without any profit. I am in no way responsible for bad deals and will not mediate with or compensate any of the parties involved. Members email addresses will remain private and contact can be made via form or (if given) by phone.
HF Radios

HF Radios (10)

Yaesu, Icom, Kenwood, Flexradio, Xiegu

VHF/UHF Radios

VHF/UHF Radios (7)

Base or handheld radios for 2m, 70cm & higher


Antennas (3)

Beams, dipoles, dishes, magnetic, end-fed wires


Measuring (5)

SWR, HF-Power, VNA's, Scopes, RF Generator


Accessories (16)

Power supplies, cables, microphones, amplifiers

Parts, surplus etc

Parts, surplus etc (5)

Single parts, vintage, surplus & anything else

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